Aichi Spine Institute

vertebral compression fracture:Vertebroplasty

Compression fracture is likely caused by osteoporosis, an injury, metastatic cancer and so on. The symptoms are severe pain on awaking, bent back. If your back bend, you feel pressure on stomach, heart or lung. And it caused reduction in appetite, or breathing difficulty. We correct a bony deformity with a mesh bag that is filled with bone cement. Vertebroplasty is performed under local anesthesia, and is at low risk for leakage of cement or pulmonary embolism.

insert a 3mm needle into vertebral body under local anesthesia, then fill mesh bag with bone cement. This surgery usually takes about 30min and you can discharge next day.

The needle is inserted to the fractured segment under fluoroscopy.

The tip of the needle is a mesh bag, and is inflated with cement.

Calcium-based cement is being filled with mesh bag.

Filling cement prevents pain and kyphosis.