Aichi Spine Institute

We specialize in spine disease. Our hospital features complete spinal evaluation and we perform minimally invasive surgery on the cervical and lumbar spine. The surgical method of our hospital has a very small incision, and the resection of bones, muscle, the ligament and the contact to nerves, a blood vessel are minimized. Therefore there are extremely few burdens of the body and is safe without sequelae. Also, we can return to everyday life and work early because length of stay is short (in the shortest overnight), and recovery is early. We opened a Tokyo office named “Tokyo Spine Institute” in Ginza. Drs Ito, Miura and Shibayama speak fluent English. Foreigners are welcome.


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Feature of our Clinic

Our doctors are specialists of spine. The performance of surgery is the top class in Japan (1300cases a year). At first, please receive an additional workup "complete spinal evaluation" examining spine in detail from various directions if you want consultation. A spine specialist explains a cause and the optimal therapy for symptom carefully. And we conduct "preoperative systemic testing" to confirm physical security on the same day when you chose surgery. When you came to the hospital on the next time, you can undergo surgery. In addition, we use facilities and the materials of the high quality using the latest medical technology to offer health care services to be satisfied with. Therefore testing and surgery are own expense practice. Please feel free to contact us.

Target Symptom

Lower back pain
Numbness on your foot or hands
Intermittent claudication
Shoulder discomfort

Target Illness

Lumbar disc herniation
Cervical disc herniation
Lumbar spinal stenosis
Sliding symptom


  • Lumbar disc herniation ⇒ PELD(Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy)
  • Cervical disc herniation ⇒ PECD(Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy)
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis ⇒ MEL(Microendoscopic laminoplasty)
  • Vertebral compression fracture ⇒ Vesselplasty