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Cervical disc herniation:PECD (Pecutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy)

Cervical disc herniation:PECD (Pecutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy)

Cervical disc herniation causes many symptoms: pain in the neck, back, shoulder, arm or hand and numbness or edema in the hand. Our percutaneous cervical disecetomy (PECD) needs only 4mm skin incision and can remove disc herniation with a success rate exceeding 90%. The world’s smallest surgery for disc heniation using 4mm diameter cannula. Under 3.5mm endoscope visualization, herniated disc is removed with 2mm small forceps. Severe pain with disc hernia is a good candidate. Prominent bone spur may be not good. A patient can walk on the day of surgery and discharges following day with wearing a soft collar.

Anesthesia and Surgery: PECD under general anesthesia
Surgery time: About half and a hour
Size of hernia: Medium to large sized hernia
Pain: mild to severe
Hospitalization: One night stay. Discharge the next day.

Pre/post-surgery prep details

First consultation Complete spinal examinations
Complete spinal examinations (MRI, CT, X ray: ¥82,500+TAX)
Pre-surgical full body medical check-up
If you decide to undergo surgery, you need to take a full body examinations includimg EKG, chest X-ray, Lung function and blood analysis: total ¥37,500+TAX
Cost of surgery ¥2,100,000+TAX
Burden of cost Government medical coverage is not applicable
Other Pain and numbness greatly reduces in 90% of patients. But recovery is sometimes slow in some patients (around 10%)

A needle is inserted into the disc from anterior.

A 4.0mm-in-diametr cannula is placed

3.5mm endoscope

herniated disc is removed with 2mm small forceps and laser ablation to vapolize the nucleus

Big sized disc hernia at C5/6

Hernia mass is totally removed

Diagram of PECD

Cervical disc hernia compresses the nerve causing pain, numbeness and power loss of hand.

A 4.0mm-in-diametr cannula is placed.Under 3.5mm endoscope visualization, disc herniated disc is removed mainly with 2mm small forceps.

Laser is also used for removing residual mass.